Virtual tour of the “George Arts Theatre”

George Arts Theatre

Now this one took a little longer than expected. Although it is an absolutely beautiful building, many of the rooms are dark. We’re not talking “pitch black” dark, but dark enough that taking these pictures with good exposure and proper colour balance took a bit longer than expected.

But in the end we think it came out great and now they have something to show traveling artist’s who are considering to use their facilities for a performance. Interestingly enough, the George Arts Theater was renovated before the Virtual Tour was made and it looks absolutely beautiful!

  1. Look around by click-and-hold dragging
  2. Enter Fullscreen by pressing the ‘Fullscreeen’ icon in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Stop auto-rotation by pressing the ‘Stop Auto-rotation’ button on the bottom right
  4. Navigate by clicking on the hotspots (the little crosses) or by selecting the are you want to see in the bottom left

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